by Micheal Lamb

Lawyer Joins the Chosen Few: A Jury of 12 Montanans is Genuinely a Greater Whole Than the Sum of Its Component Parts. It is the Best Expression of What is Good in our Society and Justice System Montana Lawyer 12/90

A Long Overdue Attack Upon Sesquipedalianism
Montana Lawyer 10/93

Proposed Appellate ADR Program Could Ease Crowded Docket
Montana Lawyer 6/95

The Birth of Non-Party Litigation — Point/Counterpoint
The Commentator, Montana Lawyer, Fall 1995

Alternative Appellate Dispute Resolution: Proposed M.R.APP. No. 54
Montana Lawyer & CLE 1/96

“Trick or Treat” The not-so-funny reality of American Jurisprudence unfolds in tragic tort claim against Ford Motors
Montana Lawyer 3/96

Appellate ADR Comes to Montana-Mediation Rule Expected to Ease Supreme Court Overload Motors
Montana Lawyer 5/96

Complete Guide to Montana’s New Appellate ADR Program
Montana Lawyer 6/96

Loans to Clients Permitted in Some Circumstances
Montana Lawyer 9/96

Voice Your Opinion on Loans to Clients
Trial Trends, Winter 1996

It’s No Joke
Montana Lawyer 3/99

War Stories — Chapter 1 (Hon. Judge Davis)
Trial Trends, Autumn 2001

War Stories — Chapter 2 (Professor Duke Crowley- U of M School of Law)
Trial Trends, Winter 2002

War Stories – Chapter 3 (It Ain’t All Sweetness & Light)
Trial Trends, Spring 2002

War Stories – Chapter 4 (Credibility)
Trial Trends, Summer 2002

War Stories – A Last Chapter Alex Blewett (copy only)
Trial Trends, Spring 2003

War Stories – (The “Moral Guidepost”)
Trial Trends, Summer 2004

MTLA Boot Camp “Evaluating Your Case for Settlement”
Summer 2004

The Montana Constitution – The “WAR STORY” (copy only)
Trial Trends, Fall 2004

I Can’t Believe It
Montana Lawyer, Fall 2004

When that Discipline Letter Arrives
Montana Lawyer, November 2004

The Long, Dusty Road to Destruction
The Montana Lawyer, May 2005

War Stories (The Truth as a Defense)
Trial Trends, Summer 2005

War Story – (MT Supreme Court Justice Bill Hunt)
Winter 2005

Does the End Justify the Means (Past President’s Council)
Trial Trends, Autumn 2006

Past Presidents’ Council
Trial Trends, Winter 2006

War Stories – The Deep, Dark Piney Woods
Trial Trends, Summer 2007

Past Presidents’ Council – Making a Difference
Trial Trends, Summer 2007

War Stories – The Trial Academy
Trial Trends, Autumn 2007

Mandatory Appellate Mediation – App. Rule 54 (Annotated)
Montana Bar Association Website

Cover Story – Montana’s Legal Battle to Preserve the Rocky Mountain Front
Montana Lawyer & Trial Trends, Spring 2008

War Story – Wade DaHood (MTLA v. MJL – What is in a Name?)
Trial Trends, Summer 2008

War Story – From Where I Stand Now I Can See
Trial Trends, Winter 2008

Commentary – An Ode to a Dues Increase
Montana Lawyer – March 2009

MTLA President’s Message
Trial Trends, Autumn 2004

MTLA President’s Message
Trial Trends, Spring 2005

MTLA President’s Message
Trial Trends, Summer 2005

MTLA President’s Message
Trial Trends, Winter 2005

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