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Personal Injury Attorneys serving Helena, Missoula, Great Falls, Bozeman, Billings and all of Montana.

The law firm of Lamb & Carey has focused its practice on Personal Injury and Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA).   In our desire to “level the playing field” we take seriously our obligation to help our clients recover from damages incurred as the result of the wrongdoing of another.

Personal Injury includes all types of injuries or death resulting from the wrongful conduct of others.  We have experience in all areas of Personal Injury.

Motor Vehicle Accidents (auto, motorcycle, boat, truck)
A serious accident affects every area of your life, and everyone in your family.  It may put everything you have worked for your entire life at risk.  The insurance laws, department of transportation regulations, and medical insurance issues are complicated.  We can make sure you are treated fairly.

Medical Malpractice
Even doctors make mistakes.  When they do and you are injured, whether as a result of a medical procedure, a failure to diagnose, mismedication, failure to obtain informed consent or otherwise, we have the resources and experience to evaluate, advise and help you.

Products Liability
When Products fail, are dangerous, or do not perform as represented and injury or death results, the manufacturer and sellers may be responsible.   We have the experience to stand up for your rights against the companies involved – and level the playing field for you.

Insurance Disputes
This is one of the most complicated areas of the law.  The interplay between liability  insurance, underinsured/uninsured insurance, health insurance, medicare, medicaid, disability insurance, workers compensation insurance, etc., is often overwhelming and always complicated.  Doing the right thing, or even the right thing at the wrong time can have significant consequences for your claim. Insurance companies start every day with lawyers working for them.  When dealing with such issues, you need a lawyer working for you.

Serious/Catastrophic Injuries and Wrongful Death
When wrongful or negligent conduct causes death or disability, the loss of income to the family can create overwhelming financial and other issues, totally aside from the emotional consequences.  In certain instances, the insurance company for the responsible party may be required to pay your medical expenses and lost wages before your case is resolved.  We can help.

Brain Injuries
The consequence of mild, moderate or serious brain injury are always life changing, and often devastating to the individual and the family.  The significance and impacts of these issues are often poorly understood or even undiagnosed.

Nursing Home/Assisted Living Negligence/Abuse
When you or a loved one are entrusted into the care of a nursing home or assisted living center,  it is because you are trusting them to provide care that you are incapable of providing yourself.  When that trust is violated and injury results, we can help.

Railroad Injuries and Accidents
The Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) is the remedy provided to compensate injured railroad workers for on the job injuries.  It is established by federal law and has its own unique rules, standards, evidentiary considerations, etc.  Injuries such as toxic exposure, traumatic or cumulative injury, or occupational disease can arise in a wide variety of contexts.  The interplay between the FELA and employment issues determined by the applicable collective bargaining agreement can be very complicated.  Similarly, railroad crossing accidents give rise to the federal regulatory and statutory considerations peculiar to the railroad industry.  When a railroad causes injury or death to anyone, you need experienced legal advice immediately.  We can help.

Premises Liability/Work Related Accidents
Many injuries result from unsafe conditions or negligent practices or procedures that arise in the buildings we frequent every day, whether as a customer or employee.  Similarly, on the job injuries often result from the negligent conduct or poor workmanship of persons or entities other than your employer.  If you or a family member are injured or killed as a result, we can help.

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