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In October 2007 I was in a terrible car accident in Great Falls. For at least a couple of days the doctors did not know if I would live or not. Through my employer and friend, I was put in touch with Mike Lamb and he agreed to represent me through what was a long, complicated process. A conservatorship was established to protect and provide for me, and oversight was provided to facilitate my medical care and long rehabilitation. Ultimately my case was resolved on excellent terms. My medical and other bills have been paid, and I am financially and otherwise secure. My law firm did not stop there. They assisted me in taking back charge of my own life, purchasing my home, and directed me to excellent qualified financial advisors, medical providers, real estate agents and others who continue to help me through the present. Mike has become a close friend. I am so thankful for all that the people at Lamb & Carey have done for me and my family.
-Diane E.

If you’re looking for a law firm that provides a high level of commitment, professionalism, and truly cares about their clients then Lamb & Carey is for you. One never thinks they will have a need for seeking legal services. My husband and I needed help after I was injured in an accident. We were very fortunate to be given Mike Lamb as a referral. Upon visiting with Mike during our initial appointment we were extremely impressed. I highly recommend Mike and his staff. They truly care about their clients and you will have a long lasting friendship.
-Cara P.

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Mike Lamb, Jamie Carey and their staff. They were very professional, thorough, and timely in reaching an excellent outcome. At all times, they were responsive to inquiries from us and kept us informed of the progress they were making. I would not hesitate to recommend their office to anyone seeking legal expertise.
-Kay & John W.

The law firm of Lamb and Carey were recommended to us by attorneys that practice law in North Dakota and Montana, as the best there is. We felt very comfortable working with them, they kept us thoroughly informed, and we were very pleased with the outcome.
-Phil & Donna M.

When I hired Mike Lamb and Jamie Carey I did so because they were by far the most qualified attorneys to handle my case. Then I came to find out they actually care about their clients and their families. We still keep in touch years after my case was settled.  I started out hiring a lawyer and ended up gaining some new friends.
-Allen W.

With my personal injury, all it took was one phone call to have my rights protected. From the very beginning their thoughts were first and foremost of my personal well being. Throughout the whole process there was contact with me and anytime I had a question, they were more than happy to hear from me. With the excellent results I had, I would recommend them for any needs a person may have.
-Rod S.

After my injury I was treated like an outcast by the railroad. I was told that if I couldn’t do my job they would let me go. I had heard of Lamb & Carey through other people that had been their clients and gave them a call. It didn’t cost me anything to talk to them and as my case was built I found out they have the best experts in this field and the experience to take on the railroad and get what no claim agent will give you. It’s not easy dealing with an injury, but with Lamb & Carey you have an ally on your side.
-Pat B.

As a result of the efforts of Mike and Jamie, we were winners. They gave their all in our case. They protected our rights and our future when it felt like the rest of the world had turned its back, when our health has been damaged, our income lost, our job lost, and even our self-worth attacked. They were there as long as we needed them. They heard me. Their hard work and professionalism protected me and my family. They will work for you and your family against all odds. On the personal side, they will stand with you to the end, true friends that you can always trust.
-Brenda W.

I want to express my deepest appreciation for all of the legal help you provided me in my time of need.  Every day I wake up and think how extremely thankful I am that we made that phone call to your firm.  Your knowledge of the Montana laws and your willingness to succeed with my case is the reason that I am able to live each day free of the stresses this could have caused me financially.  My body is still recovering from the accident and without this case, I would not be able to provide for myself and/or my family.  Thank you for giving me that opportunity in life.
  Thank you again for your time and help.  You and your firm are greatly appreciated.
-Michelle K.

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